Another book that will be in my top 5. A classic book summed up thus: 'Eat Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants.'

The author takes apart the Nutritionism movement and simplifies the rules of eating well. Everyone should read.


This book will easily be in my top 5. Often heartbreaking; it's still such a necessary story to tell.

The author does a wonderful job of focusing on individual stories to highlight the awful failings in government policy.

Indeed the author, and Guardian journalist, was at the heart of changes being made (still a work in progress) for those of the Windrush generation affected by the nonsensical Home Office targets.


I think a slightly misleading title as the book is about genetics. However, it is a fascinating and enlightening read.

The author does a good job of explaining a complex subject —I didn't understand everything, but I've come away with some mind blowing facts. Here's one: '...two San people from different tribes in southern Africa [are more genetically diverse] than a Briton, a Sri Lankan and a Maori' (p.59).

To summarise the book; genetics is far more complex and nuanced than fits the simple arguments many racists used to assert their points

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