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About One Is For Sorrow

Superstitious Kya thinks she controls her life, by listing her fears and daring fate to make them come true. And it works, or seems to. By willing him to turn around, to walk out, to laugh at her, Kya brings grounded, caring George into her world, and their chemistry makes her blush to her fingertips. Then her dad dies in a car crash — it was on her list, so now she’s scared the rest of her fears will come true too.


George doesn’t know about the crash, and when Kya goes AWOL, he assumes rejection. In his desire to set her free, he risks abandoning her to her own despair, and the hoard of sleeping pills she’s been resisting for years.


While Kya is mired in superstition, atheist Rio feels like the last stand against it. Especially as his Catholic mum believes an incense-soaked miracle will cure his sick little brother. Then there’s a car crash. A man dies, but Rio is saved, only to find out his mum got her miracle — a trial means Rio’s bone marrow could cure his brother for good. Rio becomes convinced God spared him in the crash to give his brother life.


Only Trina, a charismatic woman he meets online, keeps Rio tethered to reality. But she neglects to mention her obsessive letter writing, or the man she’s writing to: her husband.


As Kya claws her way out of superstition, Rio starts to get dragged under by it. And both George and Trina are harbouring secrets that will bring all four under the same roof with explosive results.


ONE IS FOR SORROW is a 99k Book Club novel told in four points of view: Kya, George, Rio and Trina.

About Lucy Unwin

I’ve spent my life surrounded by words -- first as a music journalist for the BBC in London, then a creative writing tutor at 826 Valencia in San Francisco, now as a Huffington Post blogger and book reviewer. That's when I’m not wrangling my two lovely little girls.

You can read my reviews, and author interviews, on Those Precious Stolen Moments.​

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